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Contactengine For Healthcare Providers VIDEO

ContactEngine for Federal Government: Healthcare Providers

ContactEngine provides intelligent and proactive scheduling and rescheduling, benefiting government agencies and citizens alike

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How education institutions can respond to the customer ticking time bomb


Higher education institutions in the US are experiencing a ticking time bomb that will heavily affect their ability to drive profitability in the near future.

The biggest threat comes from a natural US population dip in 2025. Roughly 17 years ago, the number of children born in the US began to fall. The impact of this will start to hit higher education institutions as this year comes of age.

In this article we can explore how institutions can use AI proactive communications to boost profitability. 

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Making Medicaid Applications and Renewals Constituent Centric


Creating a constituent-centric, proactive strategy for Medicaid renewal means more than having an
automated chat and emails features. Here are a our most commonly asked questions about the differences between proactive and reactive communication and how Medicaid agencies can begin to make the shift.

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The Complete Guide to Better Debt Collection


In this e-book, we will look at how societal attitudes and the meaning of debt is changing. We will analyze what recent legislation changes mean for your business and break down the traditional debt collection user journey to reveal how friction can be removed from each step using ethical, proactive conversational AI.

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The Devil's in the Detail: Design Considerations for Wise Interventions


In the final article in our behavioural science crash course we detail the principle behind wise interventions. These are the pillars which support nudges for the public good. Read on to learn how to effectively design your nudges for success and the practical considerations to keep in mind to avoid failure.

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Transforming the Medicaid Recertification Process


In this eBook we look at the best, most efficient, practices for States facing a herculean mission of redetermining who should remain eligible for Medicaid and CHIP benefits.

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Maintaining And Growing Trust 1440X864 BLOG

Maintaining and growing trust with AI comms

We are at the stage where AI is human-like enough to assist with elements of customer service and problem solving. For businesses that are investing in their AI capabilities, they need to make sure that everything they are doing is increasing the trust their customers have for them.

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How to use AI as a butler, not a stalker


A step-by-step guide that brands can use to get their customers used to being spoken to by AI and ensure their services remain trusted as they hand over responsibilities from humans to machines.

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Sustainable AI: A Brief Inquiry


AI Sustainability refers to the overall development, application and implementation of artificial intelligence to achieve globally established sustainable development goals (SDGs). It's a hot topic in AI and understanding and research can help you make prudent decisions in both running models and ensuring the models you use are run in a responsible way, both ecologically and socially. This article covers AI initiatives, development, innovation and how sustainability is an inherent consideration for each.

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Think Smarter Not Harder: Cognitive Load, Confirmation Bias and Mental Accounting


In the third instalment of our behavioural science guide, we highlight the role of cognitive load in the customer journey, as well as discussing the theory behind confirmation bias and bad mental accounting. Read on to learn how managing system 2 correctly can improve your customer journey.

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Decisions on Auto Pilot: System 1, Customers and your Business


In part two of our five part series, Albert Evans continues his crash course in behavioural science. In this chapter, Albert discusses cognitive process and theory behind decision making, are you, or your customers, making decisions without even thinking? Read on to find out…

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Behavioural Science 101: Influence Nudging and Choice Architecture


This first of a five-part series, Albert Evans introduces a crash course in behavioural science, starting with the importance of influence. Read on to discover why you should care about influence and 'nudging', and what this means for your customer journey!

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Collections - prevention is better than cure


How the latest advancements in customer service technology can be applied to reduce the cost of collections, increase repayments, and prevent customers entering the collections process in the first place

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