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An 'Agent Redirect' Collections Journey - Powered by Proactive Conversational AI

The much reported cost-of-living crisis may see more people than ever dropping into delinquency across multiple industries, phone bills, power bills, credit card bills still all need to be paid. But how do you maintain a good customer experience when you’re owed money? You don’t necessarily want to lose a customer and the cost of regaining a customer can be negated by helping them through hard times.

Heavy handed collections tactics are likely to increase customer churn but a compassionate approach can help maintain your customer base and collect what is owed.

ContactEngine has the solution and this series of videos show three scenarios familiar to anyone in a collections company or department. Our proactive conversational AI awaits a trigger to contact a customer and then holds a conversation with them, so they can reply in their own time, in their own words, without the embarrassment of speaking to an advisor.

And because ContactEngine is doing the legwork on, perhaps, smaller or back book debt, it frees your agents for more complex or higher value cases, whilst complying with all rules and regulations around debt collection.

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