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Retail/Major Appliances

for Retail/Major Appliances

Better customer experience around deliveries and more right-first-time installations, service and repairs.

90% Service visits completed first time (up from 10%)
6x Increase in customer satisfaction
6 We can set up a market trial in 6 weeks. Talk is cheap, proof is better!

Where customer experience is concerned, the hard work begins after a sale. Many purchases initiate a complex chain of events which require great communication between you and your customers. In short, it requires brilliant conversations – what ContactEngine does!

Where ContactEngine fits in

Appliances Delivery2

Deliveries and installations

There’s no getting around it. For some deliveries you simply need to speak with your customer beforehand in order to ensure the best outcomes. ContactEngine replaces notifications with proactive conversations, transforming your communications approach.

ContactEngine keeps delivery and installation dates top of mind for customers as appointments draw near and allows customers to reschedule easily if needed. For complex, or multi-item orders, ContactEngine gathers more detailed information within a single conversation channel, ensuring the delivery team is well briefed to complete deliveries and installations in one visit, and that the journey is seamless for the customer.

The result? Lower costs + happier customers = what’s not to like?

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Appliances Info

Better pre-delivery information

You may require different information for different types of deliveries. Whether it’s specific access, wiring layouts, prerequisites or anything else, ContactEngine’s ‘configuration not code’ approach makes tailoring conversations easy.

So, both your customer and your delivery team are well briefed before the day, making the best use of everyone’s time whether they are taking a day off work to wait in or making those deliveries on a tight schedule.

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Appliances Resolutions

Faster fault resolutions

With millions of customers using your products, things are bound to break down from time to time. What’s important is how efficiently you put things right, and if you can fix a fault in a single visit that’s ideal.

To achieve right-first-time fixes you need as much information as possible before your service engineer turns up. In automating this process, ContactEngine achieves better customer engagement rates and higher quality information than outbound call centers. ContactEngine helps its clients diagnose faults through multi-channel support (photos, voice, and text) to enable engineers to have the right parts first time, as well as ensuring the customer is going to be in at the allotted time - all through a seamless proactive conversation.

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ContactEngine are really working with our business in an integrated way, full of new ideas, good ideas, innovative ideas. Alistair Dobson, Service Operations Director
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