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Remove your assumptions

Find out how we remove assumption from your business operations

Do you assume the quiet ones are OK?

Don’t feel bad. Most companies do. Most rely on customers contacting them. BUT… Consider how much the quiet ones are costing your business by not telling you that

I won’t be in.
New Pp01@2X
We’re going
to cancel
our contract.
New Pp02@2X
The problem you were
going to fix has
resolved itself.
New Pp03@2X
I still want your
product but I can’t
be bothered to sit
around and wait.
New Pp04@2X
Don’t have time.
Too busy.
New Pp05@2X

ContactEngine’s Proactive Conversational AI Platform

It can look a bit like this:


3% of customers get in touch
to seek an update on their
appointment time, change, or
cancel it.

Heads Before

14% of appointments fail
no matter how great self-service
is, because most customers
don’t bother to contact you.

The trouble is that until recently, there’s been no efficient way to engage these silent customer. Some try diallers, others try sending a one-way SMS or email that inevitably triggers huge inbound volume. But they just don’t deliver the benefit.

Inevitably, companies revert to having to assume that these quiet ones are OK. To accept the costs of them not telling you things.

But it need not be this way.

ContactEngine’s Proactive Conversational AI Platform


100% of customers are engaged in a proactive conversation that updates them on their appointment time and enables them to change/cancel it.

Heads After

3% of appointments fail
because you’ve made it easy for
them to tell you.

ContactEngine is the only proactive conversational AI platform purpose built to engage those customers that never contact you, and to do this without driving any increase in inbound calls to your call centre.

It enables you to engage those silent customers, to remove the assumption, to reduce costs, to increase revenue, and to dramatically improve CX all at the same time.

We work with

Delivering major benefits to some of the world’s biggest companies

Our technology delivers immediate, measurable value. The improvements in customer and employee experience have been tremendous, with a return on investment >10:1 on cost-saving alone.

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