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Transforming the citizen experience across federal and state government agencies

Government agencies have a clear mandate to improve citizen communications and experience. Through ContactEngine, you now have a way to proactively reach out and start a conversation without your constituent having to ask. For 10 years, ContactEngine has been revolutionizing the way some of the world's largest companies converse directly with their customers - all through their preferred channel. Our proactive conversational AI and journey automation have proven to help some of the largest global companies and are just as effective for government entities.

Improve citizen experience through enhanced engagement, leaving complex issues for call center agents.

How ContactEngine fits in:


Improve citizen satisfaction

ContactEngine has never failed to improve customer satisfaction for every one of our clients. It’s a bold claim, we know, but one we’re happy to back up when we meet. 

We design citizen journeys based on your goals - proactively achieving the desired result for both the constituent and the agency, reducing the citizen frustration of navigating confusing inbound technology and understaffed call centers.

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Logistics Engagement

We learn your constituents’ jargon

Think about how, say, military veterans and students might talk to each other (in English or Spanish). Our conversational, contextual AI thrives on these differences, learning how best to engage not just with each type of person, but with every single person, with the end goal of achieving a transaction.

Then factor in that government agencies will also have their own terminology, and you have ‘communication soup’. No problem, ContactEngine learns your language too, ensuring clear communication from start to finish.

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Banking Productapp

Regulatory compliance

We know that the conversations our government clients hold with constituents must be evidenced for compliance. This is hard-wired into our systems, allowing you to trace every conversation.

Whether someone is completing a loan application, filing for benefits (unemployment, Medicaid, SNAP), renewing a license, or even filing taxes, our processes are tailored to comply with legal and reporting requirements.

All PII is masked and data is encrypted, resting and active.

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Logistics Outcome

Hitting citizen satisfaction and response targets

Simplify the steps taken by citizens to redeem the benefits your agency provides. ContactEngine integrates with any process and ensures that a higher percentage of constituents progress to completion.

The results? You’ll improve citizen satisfaction and achieve government agency response resolution equal to the private sector.

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Improvement in weeks not months

ContactEngine transforms citizen communications. Within just a few weeks, you will know what impact ContactEngine is making on response rates and engagement as the constituent journey is accelerated to completion. 

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development needed a way to engage with citizens, any time of day. ContactEngine mapped out a long-term communications strategy leveraging dynamic asynchronous SMS conversations to enhance citizen care. We’ve had great response rates and engagement continues to grow. We’ve found proactive engagement with SMS conversations to be helpful for citizens to avoid issues, so they can move in their unemployment journey more easily. Chris Cannon, Director of Communications, Tennessee Department and Labor Workforce Development

Our insights from customers to citizens

The 6 best practices of the most user-friendly government agencies


This practical eBook draws on best practices within government agencies, and shares how they can be applied to the unemployment claims process.

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Why US unemployment call centers need to put customer service first


Proactive communication is the only way to take control of the surging call rates to unemployment claims call centers. This eBook presents a 5 step plan to better serve citizens.

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ContactEngine for State Departments of Health: SNAP Renewal


ContactEngine provides proactive automated conversations around SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) renewals for State Departments of Health & Human Services, helping citizens enroll and renew their benefits each year. 

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The Joy of Proactive


Dr. Mark K. Smith and Dr. Nicola Millard discuss 'The Joy of Proactive' in this insightful overview of proactive communications then, now and in the future.

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ContactEngine for State Government: Medicaid Renewal


ContactEngine provides proactive automated conversations around Medicaid eligibility for State and Federal Governments, helping citizens enroll and renew their benefits each year. 

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