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for Automotive

Talk directly to your customers on everything from delivery to car servicing, billing, insurance and upselling.

Within the fragmented automotive industry, the opportunity to engage directly with your end customer is extremely valuable. But we understand the complexity of management within the end-to-end supply chain. Our flexibility to create solutions specifically modelled for automotive clients’ complex communication channels ensures that each conversation benefits the manufacturers and dealers, keeping everyone happy and informed along the way – all within one conversation stream.

From smoothing the peaks in service demand to improving customer retention as finance deals come to an end, ContactEngine adds value beyond pure customer communication.

ContactEngine for Automotive

Where ContactEngine fits in

Automotive Sales


Too often customers commit to a test drive but don’t follow through to the drive itself, or they drop off the journey entirely. There’s always a good reason, but the outcome is a potential lost sale. ContactEngine engages customers in proactive conversation from the booking process up to completion of a sales process, where its real value to you is an increased conversion rate.

Automotive Delivery


ContactEngine proactive conversations ensure a smooth and effortless collection and delivery process for you and your customers after a purchase. ContactEngine proactive conversations keep the customer informed about their order as it progresses through the factory and what the expected delivery date is (or if it changes), and makes sure the customer has taken the necessary steps in the financing process (where applicable) to ensure there are no problems on the day of pick up.

Automotive Servicing


Typical demand includes regular service interventions such as MOT, tire changes and servicing. By proactively suggesting service appointments before the customer starts to think about them, ContactEngine can smooth out holiday season peaks and disperse geographical demand, a win-win for your customers and dealerships alike. Considering historical customer preferences, ContactEngine can offer suitable dates and time for the customer with courtesy car availability and allow for network distribution across dealerships.

Automotive Financing


Many of our clients offer financing as part of their sales process. This is a key enabler to sales. ContactEngine is experienced in using proactive conversations to increase the number of customers that convert from finance illustration to approval, increasing sales.

Logistics Engagement

Proactive customer communications

We believe your customers should never have to ask. ContactEngine engages with your customers from the start, through the right channel at the right time based on customer preference. By getting this right, your customers stay receptive to you, and real dialogue stays open and maintained for the lifetime of a customer's car ownership or lease. This allows for greater retention, and more opportunity for upsell and cross-sell.

With ContactEngine, you will quickly find customer conversations around servicing, product safety, finance, and customer feedback simpler than ever before.

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