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for Utilities

Reduce churn with increased customer engagement through proactive and personalized conversations around onboarding, energy usage and billing.

35% Improvement in successful home visits
23% Deflection in customer calls related to heating advisor home visits
6 We can be up and running in 6 weeks. Talk is cheap, proof is better!

Within the tightly regulated and highly competitive utilities space, ContactEngine lets you hold more effective conversations with your customers, and helps you retain and gain more business. From onboarding to appointment scheduling, billing, and in-life customer care and support, ContactEngine’s utilities-specific proactive conversations benefit customers and providers alike.

Where ContactEngine fits in

Utilities Sales

Sales and onboarding

Our utility clients see immediate improvements in customer experience and efficiencies throughout the entire customer onboarding process.

Onboarding processes vary client by client and are geo-specific, but ContactEngine typically covers proactive conversations around tariff selection, cycle dates, billing (including setting up direct debits) and initial meter readings. Where installations are required, such as switching to smart meters (geo-specific), ContactEngine manages the customer conversation to ensure a successful installation.

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Utilities Churn

Churn reduction

All of our clients across industries recognize the value in customer churn reduction, and this enables us to take lessons learned in one sector and apply them to others.

In doing so, we have identified the single most important factor in reducing churn: being proactive. Being proactive not only allows you to stay front of mind and ahead of the game in customer experience (reducing churn) but it also enables you to transform consumer purchasing. ContactEngine listens for triggers in each customer’s data, and creates a bespoke conversation, like offering tips to lower energy consumption based on customer usage and habit; or scheduling a service visit before a customer needs to call in for a repair. ContactEngine varies its conversations with each of your customers -always seeking to retain, defend and increase margins.

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Utilities Regulatory

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance requires traceability on any number of issues and varies depending on geography. All conversations ContactEngine holds are transparent. ContactEngine is white box, meaning its conversational algorithms are explainable and fully auditable, unlike many off-the-shelf black box solutions. 

Often compliance isn’t just about communication. Results matter too. And so, wherever an appointment is required to achieve compliance, ContactEngine proactive conversations ensure the success of those appointments with greater business efficiency.

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Utilities Feedback

Customer feedback

ContactEngine elicits customer feedback (NPS, VOC, CSI surveys) and escalates customers to an agent when necessary for immediate intervention. Surveys can be randomized or placed immediately post-event.

David Bowring, British Gas
ContactEngine's expertise has enabled us to go into areas that we hadn’t anticipated which for me shows real value. ContactEngine has had a material impact on our operation. David Bowring, Head of Technology, British Gas

Our data driven insights for utilities

Building an effective churn reduction strategy


ContactEngine works with many of the largest telcos and utility companies in the World. We examine some relatively novel techniques we have seen work wonders in churn reduction across many areas of the customer journey within our clients.

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ContactEngine named a winner in 2020 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards


ContactEngine picks up another award for its AI technology advancements in Human-Computer Rapport

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The Joy of Proactive


Dr. Mark K. Smith and Dr. Nicola Millard discuss 'The Joy of Proactive' in this insightful overview of proactive communications then, now and in the future.

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Telecoms Changing the Game with Intelligent Proactive Conversations


Chaired by ContactEngine's Director of Customer Success, Alicia Sonde, this webinar sees Chris Shave, Manager of the Program Office at our client Telus and Dana Scott, Managing Director of our partner Accenture discussing their experiences of maintaining ‘small business charm’ by initiating proactive conversations with their customers, whilst seeing some really remarkable results in the field, and for their agents, immediately after deploying ContactEngine.

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