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Proactive, personalized collections conversations yield faster payments while improving the customer experience

22% Additional dollars collected
20% Reduction in days to pay
47% Increase in payment arrangements negotiated

ContactEngine’s proactive conversational AI is a game changer for the collections function. For the first time, it is cost effective to hold tens of thousands of concurrent billing conversations without increasing the size of your call center, all while delivering your duty of care to customers. Counter-intuitively, you may find that many customers who have entered the collections process prefer an automated conversation over the embarrassment of talking to a call center agent. Many resolve their issues within the automated process, and those that don’t are better prepared to discuss their options with an agent.

Where ContactEngine fits in

Collections Not Overdue Icon

Before debt becomes overdue

Gain better customer insights by starting full automated conversations before debt even becomes overdue and with as many customers as you choose. The benefits are clear, from better visibility of how the cost-of-living crisis is impacting your customers ability to pay, through to reducing churn by helping customers avoid defaulting.

Logistics Engagement

As soon as debt becomes distressed

A sensitive conversational approach without the embarrassment of talking directly with an agent pays dividends. ContactEngine collects knowledge throughout the customer conversation and tailors each and every conversation, over days, weeks, or months if necessary. Each customer is offered the solution that suits them best, from simple-to-use transaction triggers through to offers of payment plans.

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Debt collection agencies - faster payments

ContactEngine breaks the relationship between the size of your call center and the number of concurrent customer conversations you can hold. With increased dollars received and reduced days to payment too, integrating ContactEngine into your service offer can help win business.

Our data driven insights for collections

2023 Guide: Improve Collections and Customer Service – Strategies for Successfully Reducing Risk and Improving Customer Retention


This practical report focuses on compassionate strategies to mitigate this rise in debt coupled with consumers’ decreased ability to pay. The strategies have new digital possibilities at its core, and is always respectful of both legal and ethical issues within both North America and the United Kingdom.

READ 22 min

Collections - prevention is better than cure


How the latest advancements in customer service technology can be applied to reduce the cost of collections, increase repayments, and prevent customers entering the collections process in the first place

READ 10 min

Compassionate Collections: How Technology is Shaping the Collections-to-Consumer Relationship


This report outlines the current debt landscape in the US, what impact technology and innovation has on collections agencies and most importantly, how to create an effective, compassionate debt collections strategy for your customers in light of the November 2021 regulations.

READ 10 min

Collections: The Case for Collection Treatment Automation with Proactive Conversational AI


This paper explores the collections industry's changing landscape and presents a proven solution for first party collections teams to recover outstanding consumer debt more efficiently whilst delivering better outcomes for consumers.

READ 10 min

How not to collect debt


Don’t let your debt collection activities cause a scandal. There are plenty of tools available to help you keep out of the tabloids this winter.

READ 5 min

In debt for the first time – How your business needs to treat the new wave of debtors


If done well, the way you handle debt collection can not only recover what you are owed, it could also work as something of a customer sales tool – keeping that customer with you as their finances restabilise.

READ 7 min

Five ways to make your debt collection more effective


Compassionate Collections: By employing these 5 practices, you can increase the amount of money you get back while living your company’s humanistic value

READ 5 min

Winning customers for life – how your debt strategy must work harder for Gen Z


Debts are soaring for Gen Zs entering the working world - a generation that's been hit hard by Covid-13 and it's many repercussions, along with a surge of new technologies replacing the entry-level jobs that would have been their career stepping stones. Let's talk about how you can win their favour as they enter this brave new world and help them to have successful, debt-free customer journeys. You may just win their loyalty for life.  

READ 5 min

Your strategy for communicating with the three types of debtors


Not all debts are created equally. Some are easy to get back, others will be lost forever. Only by combining intelligent data capture with intelligent communication can you hope of finding out which is which on a mass scale. With proactive conversational AI, you can quickly probe your debtors to find out which levers you need to pull to guide the issue to a favourable resolution.

READ 5 min

Openreach win big at the European Customer Experience awards 2022


Sending our biggest congratulations to our brilliant client Openreach who recently cleaned up at the prestigious European Customer Experience awards 2022, beating fierce competition to win gold in the ‘Customer Experience in the Crisis’ category and bronze in ‘Customers at the Heart of Everything’ category.

READ 3 min
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