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ContactEngine connects conversations across entire customer journeys with One Voice delivering exceptional CX and demonstrable business value for organizations around the world

A day in the life of ContactEngine

Drawn from real data, this visualization shows customers flowing from one client’s systems, through ContactEngine, and back again.

The future of customer communications

ContactEngine provides proactive customer service by helping your customers through the channels they’re most comfortable with.

It aims to contact your customer before your customer contacts you.

ContactEngine is the first and only third generation customer engagement technology. It delivers genuine conversations run by AI. Welcome to a whole new era of proactive customer service.

Our vision for proactive conversations places ContactEngine firmly ahead of the pack. Our research and innovation/development function will keep ContactEngine out in front for years to come.

How ContactEngine works

ContactEngine delivers proactive customer engagements in 5 steps
Customer Data Triggers Conversation
Listens for conversation
Customer Conversation Path
Identifies the best possible
conversation path
Starting Intelligent Conversation With Ai
Starts and orchestrates
intelligent conversation
Ai Human Agent Customer Contact Team
Brings in a human agent
if needed
Customer Conversation Outcomes Complete
Confirms outcomes back
to client systems
Client systems
Customer Data Triggers Conversation
Listens for conversation triggers

Integrated with your core systems, ContactEngine analyses your data to identify where a proactive conversation is advantageous. These conversation triggers are key, signalling ContactEngine to start a conversation, or to change the path of an ongoing conversation.

As with any good system, the analysis also includes data quality checks to ensure we have the right information to hold the right conversation.

Customer Conversation Path
Identifies each conversation’s path

Just as every conversation has an objective, every conversation has a preferred path to reach that objective. ContactEngine AI identifies each customer’s preferred path, and in doing so, increases conversion rates - because it’s much easier to lead someone down a path they would choose for themselves.

Starting Intelligent Conversation With Ai
Starts intelligent conversations

ContactEngine opens, maintains and completes millions of simultaneous conversations 24 x 7 x 365. ContactEngine AI ensures that customer responses are understood and replied to in less than half a second.

Ai Human Agent Customer Contact Team
Brings in an agent

ContactEngine AI monitors conversations and flags up those that need agent intervention. Your agents can work in your own CRM system or the ContactEngine Agent Desktop. Agents are equipped with the full context of the conversation, enabling precise and timely intervention.

Customer Conversation Outcomes Complete
Confirms outcomes to your systems

ContactEngine collects and formats data and automatically feeds it back into your systems, keeping your customer records fully up-to-date. It analyses the data at this stage to provide performance reporting. Valuable, actionable insights allow for continuous improvement and process optimization.

How conversations work for your customers

Select your sector below to see how ContactEngine brings conversations to life from your customers' viewpoint
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How ContactEngine's proprietary AI delivers better results

ContactEngine proactive conversational ai

ContactEngine's proprietary AI lets customers use their own words in every conversation. It extracts the intent(s) from every customer response and then carries on the conversation. Where it recognizes an issue that needs human intervention, it intelligently escalates the conversation so the customer gets the help they need straightaway. 

ContactEngine AI was designed in-house because off-the-shelf solutions from the big names in AI weren't built for proactive conversations. You see, when you start a conversation proactively, you know the questions you're going to ask and the types of responses you're likely to get. This means proactive AI models can be trained to handle specific conversational objectives. Off-the-shelf solutions can't do this. ContactEngine AI is white box, explainable, and built based on a decade of learning gained from running millions of conversations.

Top academics from Imperial College London, King's College London, and the University of Dundee sit on our AI Advisory Board. The Board supports us in evolving and improving ContactEngine AI, keeping it at the cutting-edge.


Embedded Conversational Context
Embedded conversational context

Conversational context is used to prime models based on the expected responses/intents for a conversation

Multi Intent Conversational Ai
Multi-intent capability

Responses often include more than one intent. Multi-intent capability makes sure valuable information is extracted, not lost

Client Specific Conversation Models

Models are tailored to the specific conversations our clients need to have with their customers

Proprietary Data Labelling
Proprietary approach to data labelling

We label data in-house for every client, using our own tested techniques for maximum accuracy

The beautiful thing about ContactEngine is that it allows us to integrate with other systems at TELUS in a way that leverages APIs that are available, so that we have this fully digitised experience… Also the knowledge and the passion of the ContactEngine team is amazing – they truly believe in their product and understand the nuances of the service provider business. Glen Westerhof, Director Strategy and Business Transformation, TELUS
Paul Buttery
It’s not often you come across a technology platform that delivers such immediate, measurable value. The ROI and improvements in customer experience that we’ve realised from ContactEngine have been tremendous, with a return on investment above 10:1 on cost-saving alone. Paul Buttery, COO, Virgin Media
Alistair Dobson
ContactEngine are really working with our business in an integrated way, full of new ideas, good ideas, innovative ideas, and they are always keen to put those ideas in place. Alistair Dobson, Service Operations Director, Whirlpool
David Bowring, British Gas
ContactEngine's expertise has enabled us to go into areas that we hadn’t anticipated which for me shows real value. ContactEngine has had a material impact on our operation. David Bowring, Head of Technology, British Gas
The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development needed a way to engage with citizens, any time of day. ContactEngine mapped out a long-term communications strategy leveraging dynamic asynchronous SMS conversations to enhance citizen care. We’ve had great response rates and engagement continues to grow. We’ve found proactive engagement with SMS conversations to be helpful for citizens to avoid issues, so they can move in their unemployment journey more easily. Chris Cannon, Assistant Administrator for the Communications Division, Tennessee Department and Labor Workforce Development

ContactEngine solutions in your sector


Enabling a differentiated experience throughout the end-to-end customer journey for the world’s largest telcos

Covid-19 Comms

Covid-19 use cases, including vaccine appointments, managing in-home appointments, emergency communications and home working

Retail Banking

Improving lending and mortgage journeys and making day-to-day banking easier for your customers


Transforming the citizen experience across federal and state government agencies


Reducing churn with better customer engagement across sales, onboarding, retention and regulatory compliance


Improving customer and agent experience through automation of onboarding, in-life customer care and loss prevention


Ensuring right-first-time delivery and installation of complex and large item deliveries

Retail/Major Appliances

Improving customer engagement to ensure right-first-time delivery and repair through proactive conversation


Managing and improving customer conversations across complex networks of manufacturers, dealers and customers

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