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Customer Effort is a measurement of how easy a business is for consumers to engage with. Customer Effort is a measurement of how easy a business is for consumers to engage with.
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Customer Effort is a measurement of how easy a business is for consumers to engage with.

The metric provides a deep understanding of a brand’s customer service, offering more robust insight into the effectiveness of a company’s customer experience than other metrics, such as NPS.

We believe that Effort makes up 30% of customer loyalty. The great news for brands is that every building block that influences a positive Effort score is completely under your control.

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The Results

Here are the Customer Effort Index rankings by sector and region, then the top brands in the UK, US and Australia by sector. Look for the starburst icon for overall Effort scores.

Customer Effort: The Markets View

Flag UsTop brands in the US

Flag UkTop brands in the UK

Flag AusTop brands in Australia

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The latest issue of the Customer Effort Index has landed.

Now in its third wave, we’re beginning to see some fascinating long-term trends as we visualise nine months of measuring Customer Effort across Telecommunications, Financial Services and Technology Retail in the UK, US and Australia.

We’re seeing clear, consistent frontrunners, and our congratulations go out to T-Mobile, US Bank, Amazon, EE, Nationwide, Argos, Vodafone, Bendigo and Office Works, which have maintained their positions at the top of the charts wave on wave. 

The Customer Effort Index, which measures how straightforward brands are to do business with, is calculated on a self-referential scale. This means that scores are calculated each wave relative to the other brands in the index. What’s fascinating about this wave is how much convergence there has been on each of the pillars. It indicates that Customer Effort is becoming increasingly more competitive as brands invest in the technology and solutions they need to deliver an excellent experience.

We’re also seeing some great indications that Customer Effort predicts NPS scores. While it’s too early to draw any conclusions, we’re very excited about the potential for Effort to predict more well-known industry metrics.

So dive into our tables above and as ever, do get in touch with your observations and thoughts.

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The Customer Effort Index is based on interviews with 6,000 interviews a year with consumers across the UK, US and Australia. In-depth surveys ask respondents to rate their most recent interaction with a brand according to several dimensions e.g. “making me feel valued as a customer” and “having details explained clearly to you”.

These are then tallied to form our four pillars within Customer Effort: (1) Knowledge & Expertise (2) Style of Communication (3) Speed solving the problem (4) Valuing the Customer.

Responses are collected online.

ContactEngine sponsors the Customer Effort Index

ContactEngine believes that a great customer experience is an effortless one, where life is made as easy as possible for the customer. ContactEngine commissioned the Customer Effort Index to measure how real people perceive the effort it takes to be a customer of some of the leading brands in the world. By enabling a comparison of effort not only within an industry, but across industries, we can identify and learn from the brands who lead on making it easy for their customers to do business with them.