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Amazon (US)

  Technology Retail in the US

Amazon overall Effort Score: 64 Amazon (US) vs 64 Amazon (US) last quarter
Sector Effort Score benchmark: 58 Amazon (US) vs 58 Amazon (US) last quarter

Amazon is top of the charts once again, marking its second quarter straight as leader in Tech Retail in the US.

However, the brand can't afford to rest on its laurels. Its Overall Effort Score is -1 wave on wave following dips in three pillars – 'Knowledge and Expertise', 'Speed Solving the Problem' and 'Knowledge and Expertise'. The fourth pillar – 'Style of Communication' increased its score by +3 wave on wave, indicating its customers are finding its agents more polite and easier to deal with when issues arise.

The brand boasts some of the highest scores in the entire index, with 51% of its customers rating how quickly they were able to achieve they they set out to do, or resolve their issue, as 'excellent'.

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Amazon can be found in the Customer Effort Index three times, once for each geography we track brands in (US, UK and Australia). However, it is here where it receives its highest Overall Effort Score (64 vs 58 in the UK and 57 in Australia). What lessons can Amazon's operation in America share with the business in other parts of the world?

Amazon's biggest dip wave on wave was seen in the 'Speed Solving the Problem' pillar (83 vs 86 last wave). Customer service leaders within the business must identify where problems can be resolved quicker and employ the best available technology to find solutions.

Customer Effort in detail

Style of Communication 68 vs 79 last quarter

54% say the politeness of their customer service agents is 'excellent'

51% rate the ability to communicate with them in their chosen language (other than English) as ‘excellent’

Knowledge and Expertise 63 vs 77 last quarter

50% rate the expertise of the customer service agent as 'excellent'

48% say the way details were clearly explained to them was 'excellent'

50% rate how well the customer service agent understood their particular problem or question as 'excellent'

Understanding & Valuing the Customer 66 vs 88 last quarter

51% rate this brand as 'excellent' for how they made them feel valued/important as a customer

49% say the range of solutions or options that were suitable was "excellent"

66% say they were 'very satisfied' with the outcome of their communication or contact

Speed Solving the Problem 62 vs 83 last quarter

47% rate how easy it was to find the information they wanted on the website/app as 'excellent'

49% rate how they were able to speak to a customer service agent that can help them with their query as 'excellent'

55% say they made it ‘very easy’ to achieve what they set out to do

ContactEngine sponsors the Customer Effort Index

ContactEngine believes that a great customer experience is an effortless one, where life is made as easy as possible for the customer. ContactEngine commissioned the Customer Effort Index to measure how real people perceive the effort it takes to be a customer of some of the leading brands in the world. By enabling a comparison of effort not only within an industry, but across industries, we can identify and learn from the brands who lead on making it easy for their customers to do business with them.