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for Telcos

Proactive, personalized conversations with millions of customers at every stage of their journey, transforming their experience.

7 We work with 7 of the top 10 telcos in North America & Europe
50% Call deflection for customer repairs
6 We can be up and running in 6 weeks. Talk is cheap, proof is better!

Our experience working with the world’s largest telcos in their most competitive markets over the last decade has yielded unique insights into improving both wireline and wireless telco customer journeys. ContactEngine reduces both business and customer effort, minimizes customer journey breakages, increases revenue and improves NPS/CSAT.

Where ContactEngine fits in

Telcos Sales

Sales conversion & joining process

ContactEngine optimizes your sales funnel by engaging current and prospective customers in proactive conversation, efficiently hand-holding them through the onboarding process. This results in an uplift in customer experience while reducing both cost per acquisition and cycle time.

For example, for wireline products, ContactEngine orchestrates a fully-automated self-installation journey: from equipment delivery to service activation. Alternatively, when a technician is required, ContactEngine increases right-first-time installations through intelligent scheduling and management of customer communications.

Learn how we increased net adds, while reducing business and customer effort for BT Enterprise


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Telcos Inlife

In-life service

Differentiating your business within the market lies in the quality of your interactions throughout the customer life cycle. Proactive communication and digital adoption is a key enabler to realizing a differentiated customer experience.

Most customers just disappear until contract renewal, moving day, or when they have an issue.  Data allows you to identify opportune moments to start in-life value-add conversations.  Proactive in-life conversations allows you to retain customers through improved CX rather than solely price.

The measure of this is preventing ARPU erosion while mitigating churn.

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Telco Upsell

Upsell, cross-sell and retention

Upsell and cross-sell are key components to reducing customer churn and therefore increasing revenue. A data-led approach is key to proactively making the right offer at the right time on the right channel, retaining customers and increasing product-holding. 

Our case studies in telcos

Our data driven insights for telcos

ContactEngine for Telcos


Introducing ContactEngine proactive care for telcos. This visualisation shows a ContactEngine journey through the customer's perspective. Your customers should never have to ask!

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Sky - Better Contact Rates, Better Customer Journeys with ContactEngine


Sky's contact centre was already achieving good results for pre-appointment calling, reaching up to 50% of customers. Through ContactEngine, they have moved that to 90% - creating better customer journeys along the way.

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Building a proactive retention strategy


We explain how telcos can use data-driven approaches to improve churn reduction strategies. The whitepaper discusses the most effective retention offers for customers likely to churn, with a particular focus on when to be proactive.

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The Joy of Proactive


Dr. Mark K. Smith and Dr. Nicola Millard discuss 'The Joy of Proactive' in this insightful overview of proactive communications then, now and in the future.

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Telecoms Changing the Game with Intelligent Proactive Conversations


Chaired by ContactEngine's Director of Customer Success, Alicia Sonde, this webinar sees Chris Shave, Manager of the Program Office at our client Telus and Dana Scott, Managing Director of our partner Accenture discussing their experiences of maintaining ‘small business charm’ by initiating proactive conversations with their customers, whilst seeing some really remarkable results in the field, and for their agents, immediately after deploying ContactEngine.

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It’s not often you come across a technology platform that delivers such immediate, measurable value. The ROI and improvements in customer experience that we’ve realised from ContactEngine have been tremendous, with a return on investment above 10:1 on cost-saving alone. Paul Buttery, COO, Virgin Media
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