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The 6 best practices of the most user-friendly government agencies

The unemployment benefits claims process is under increasing pressure from the surge caused by Covid-19.

The 6 Best Practices of the Most User-Friendly Government Agencies considers best examples of customer service in federal and state government and highlights what other departments can learn from them – particularly those that handle unemployment benefits. We provide an overview of what excellent customer service could look like for all US government sectors.

We know that private sector experiences make citizens expect more from their engagements with the government. For the US government to become more efficient and effective, it will need to invest in advanced technology and implement best practices from collaborations with tech leaders.


  • Introduction: some sobering statistics
  • myStudentAid: engaging students through the right channels
  • Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service: prioritizing functionality
  • State-specific Covid exposure apps: start-up mindset
  • The Department of the Interior: investing in quality customer experience
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services’ EMMA: human support
  • Government of Mississippi State’s MISSI: ease of access
  • Conclusion – Citizens will engage where customer experience excels

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