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The Future of Collections Benchmark 2023

ContactEngine have developed a benchmark survey and report for the 3rd party collections sector (Debt Collection Agencies or DCAs).

We would love for you to participate in the survey and give your opinions, insights and plans to contribute to the report, which shows how DCAs deal with their most important short/medium-term challenges*. Once completed, you will receive a copy of the report which will allow you to benchmark your position in the market and gather insight into DCA sector best practice.

Here is an example of the report you will receive

*Please know that your answers will contribute anonymously to the averages presented in the report.

Thank you!

Participate in the Survey here

(Survey conducted by third party Revysoft)


More about the ContactEngine Collections Benchmark Survey:

Challenging your views and giving insight into your peers’ understanding of the current and future impact of customer interaction technology.

The collections market plays a crucial role in the financial industry, helping businesses and individuals collect outstanding debts. The use of customer interaction technology in the collections process has the potential to significantly improve the customer experience, increase debt repayment rates, and truly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of collections operations.

The challenges found within the collections industry, such as high employee churn, can lead to reduced productivity, increased costs, and lower debt repayment rates. And with an expected increase of debtors in the coming months, it’s critical to understand the impact technology can have in addressing these challenges.

This peer-2-peer research focusses on the impact of customer interaction technology in combination with the above developments. Participate to gain impactful insights, compare yourself with your peers and discover your improvement potential.

The survey covers

  • Collect more, faster. How can collection agencies reduce cost and increase margins?
  • Retaining and maintaining agents. How do collection agencies cope with agent churn?
  • Consumer duty of care. Are collection agencies shifting their focus to debt prevention and rehabilitation?
  • Future - Digitalization in collections. How is digitalization shaping the collections landscape

Benefits of participating

  • Unique insights. A personalised benchmark report enabling you to compare yourself with your peers in the industry.
  • A personal conversation. Receive a thorough analysis of your benchmark report, presented by an expert.
  • Continuous learning. Real-time access to the results of the research.


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