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What is Proactive Conversational AI?

Many organizations – from dentists to banks to the government – would say that they are doing proactive communications because they send outbound messages. Or make outbound calls. Or send emails. But all too often this messaging, by whatever channel, is disjointed. Fragmented. Each message “fire and forget”. Each notification a separate event. There's no ongoing dialogue. And there is limited - if any - ability to transact – meaning the customer can't ask, for example, for service changes, more information, upgrades, or assistance.

Often these messages or notifications come from many multiple phone numbers and email addresses. And often, such 2-way functionality as is provided is also fragmentary and disjointed, sometimes available, sometimes not, and always limited in capacity to understand natural language or respond to anything other than the formulaic response (text back “1” for this, “2” for that).

The result? It can often be, in fact, that this proactive messaging is both driving inbound calls, and increasing customer frustration.

Proactive communications as provided by ContactEngine are delivered as part of a seamless and elegant conversation across the whole customer journey – a conversation that allows customers to take transactions – say to upgrade, or to get help with the returns process – with each conversation done in individual context – with historical context from proceeding conversations, as well as real-time knowledge of the customer status provided by client data feeds.

ContactEngine pro-activity delivers “Journey Automation”, in which proactive conversations (not just communications) drive customers towards a pre-established business objective, to the benefit of the client, and the satisfaction of the customer.

What’s more, because ContactEngine conversations utilize AI Natural Language Understanding (NLU) – this means that customers can respond with natural language just as they would to another person “sure I’d love to get the new iPhone”, or “yeah, I’ll be in”, or “can I get some help please” – and ContactEngine understands the intents within that natural language (respectively UPGRADE, CONFIRM, GET HELP) – the whole experience of engaging via ContactEngine is just like having a conversation with a human.

All of these factors about ContactEngine’s proactive conversations (a single conversation across the whole journey / the ability to transact / human-like interactions), means that the customers really enjoy the conversations because it’s easy for them – it’s effortless – with the result being high customer engagement (80%+ is common) which drives good CX and all the revenue and operational benefits that flow from that. The other result is very high containment (we run north of 90% for GNO) which reduces costs and gives agents more time to focus on CX instead of being bound to AHT (Average Handling Time).

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