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Commuted sentence: the work-from-home revolution has begun
by Hargo Kalra, Business Insights Manager

Download now: Commuted Sentence: The work-from-home revolution has begun

Covid-19 has been a catalyst for a work-from-home revolution.

This ungated whitepaper examines the pros and cons of the work-from-home revolution triggered by Covid-19. It will help to frame your thinking about work-from-home as it affects your organisation, its productivity and also its environmental footprint.


  • Introduction: how Covid-19 provides an opportunity to rethink our work culture
  • The numbers in support of the work-from-home proposition
  • The bigger picture: productivity and business impact of working from home
  • The flipside: counterarguments from the naysayers
  • Conclusion: a flash of opportunity to save the planet

Cover of whitepaper Commuted Sentence: Work From Home Revolution Benefits and Opportunities

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