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CEO Mark K. Smith named Honorary Professor at the University of Dundee

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Founder and CEO of ContactEngine, Mark K. Smith, has been appointed Honorary Professor within the School of Science and Engineering at the University of Dundee.

The appointment comes after months of collaboration between Smith, who holds a PhD in Biotechnology from Cranfield University, his AI team at ContactEngine and ARG-tech, the University of Dundee’s Centre for Argument Technology, on innovative directions in conversational AI around Human-Computer Rapport.

ContactEngine is a Conversational AI technology that automates customer communications for large corporates across various industries. The company employs linguists, behavioural scientists, mathematicians and software engineers to design proprietary machine learning algorithms that automate human-like conversations. ContactEngine is backed by an AI advisory board that includes leading international scientists, engineers and industry professionals, including AI expert Chris Reed, Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Dundee, who heads ARG-tech.

On Smith’s honorary appointment, Professor Reed commented: “We are delighted to welcome Mark into the group as an Honorary Professor. ARG-tech and ContactEngine have been collaborating for some time now exploring ideas underpinning Human-Computer Rapport, an integrated way of handling conversational context. Mark’s appointment in recognition of his leadership and insight in AI R&D represents a ramping up in this collaboration which will see close working between the two teams.”

Smith added: “The work of Professor Chris Reed and the ARG-tech team is extraordinary, and the Centre for Argument Technology is simply world class. This nomination comes from an institution I admire and respect because their reputation is earned - not simply a historical artefact. I am truly honoured!”

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