Global explorer Mark Wood becomes a ContactEngine ambassador


Global explorer Mark Wood becomes a ContactEngine ambassador

ContactEngine are delighted to announce that polar explorer Mark Wood is now an ambassador for the company, after Mark has been using ContactEngine technology during his expeditions for over four years.

Having completed over 30 major expeditions worldwide, Mark is now one of the world’s leading explorers, venturing across some of the earth’s most dangerous areas. Some of his journeys include a solo expedition to the South Geographic Pole followed directly by a 200 mile solo crossing of the Arctic Ocean to the Geographic North Pole.

Through the use of his satellite phone, ContactEngine’s technology allows Mark to communicate with schools from all around the world throughout his expeditions as part of his global education program. Mark will be using this technology for his journey from the Russian coast line to the North Pole in February this year.

Commenting on his new role, Mark Wood says “I’m happy to be continuing my partnership with ContactEngine through becoming an Ambassador. Their technology allows me to have conversations with school kids from all around the world, which is the main reason behind why I go on my expeditions.”

ContactEngine CEO Dr Mark K. Smith adds: “We’re really pleased that Mark will be representing ContactEngine as an ambassador. ContactEngine are proud to support Mark in his remarkable expeditions and in return, Mark uses ContactEngine to communicate with his supporters, be that schools, teachers, sponsors and fans from around the world. If we can reach Mark – we can reach anyone!”

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