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The Service and Repair Journey

Gaining customers is a complex and competitive world of branding and pricing but once you have them using your service, the key is how you keep them.

The way people use their services at home is becoming more and more complex with over-the-top gaming, television, education and working from home, so when something goes wrong people need their telco to respond and support them as quickly as possible. 

There are a few moments of truth when that happens:

  1. How easy is it to get help? Either to find something online or speak to an agent
  2. How good is the quality of that help once you receive it?
  3. What happens when you dispatch an engineer to come into your house to fix the problem?

There's only a certain amount of time that's available to sort out that third moment of truth when you have a customer on the other end of the telephone who's waiting to speak with you. You have a limited amount of time and information to decide whether or not to dispatch an engineer. The trade off you have to take is that you know that sometimes you're sending an engineer when it's not required and sometimes you're not able to meet all of your customer needs because you have cost pressures. The dilemma about how you match that trade off is the difference between a quality service at the right cost, or not. 

James Walker, Chief Customer Officer of ContactEngine Ltd., discusses the importance of the service and repair journey and ContactEngine's solution to improving service and efficiency and post appointment care in this 3-minute video. 

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