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The Install Journey

There are a myriad of reasons why a customer might not be home to answer the door on installation day, but forgetfulness or worst, not being told at all, should not be among them.

The customer's door is the final step in achieving a successful customer experience and to fail at the last hurdle means undoing the hard work done by every member in your organisation who contributes to get to that point. Make sure the door is always open and make every customer journey perfect.

How? Well, whether it’s a call the morning of an appointment or a message to the customer when they are the technician’s next stop, proactive conversations (not just communications) are quite literally the key to a successful journey.

Proactive conversations provided by ContactEngine are delivered as part of a seamless and elegant customer journey – with each conversation done in individual context, taking into consideration historical conversations with that customer as well as real-time knowledge of the customer's current status as provided by client data feeds.

ContactEngine pro-activity delivers 'journey automation', in which conversations drive customers towards a pre-established business objective, to the benefit of the client and to the satisfaction of the customer.

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