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Lumen: 'An engagement rate surpassing any other means of customer communication.'

Lumen is a premier carrier for enterprise services focussed on delivering the 4th Industrial Revolution to their customers, encompassing communications, network services, security, cloud solutions, voice, and managed services. One of its company missions is to deliver amazing customer experiences and implementing ContactEngine’s proactive conversational AI platform has allowed Lumen flexibility in engaging with their customers whilst also delivering a great cost experience to the company.

ContactEngine’s platform allows customers to engage using natural language, so they can reply to Lumen’s SMS alerts and appointment reminders as they would to a friend rather than using set, and easily misunderstood or mistyped, parameters.

Lumen saw cost-savings immediately after deployment through a significant reduction in cancel rates, and a significant reduction in wasted truck rolls due to no access issues. Giving customers the ability to change the dates of their appointment has reduced churn and led to an engagement rate that far surpasses any other means of communication.

Lumen aspires to move beyond frictionless to an engaging, human, customer experience and ContactEngine has allowed this evolution, creating a personal journey in which customers feel comfortable and confident in the delivery of services Lumen provide.

Nate’s advice to anyone who believes they already have a system that does what ContactEngine does? Set up a side by side trial for a month or 2, and you’ll soon understand the difference.

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