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Insights: Whitepaper
Data talks: proactive retention strategies to reduce telco churn
by Euan Matthews + James Walker

Many of our clients have mature churn reduction strategies in place. They measure every aspect of these strategies, striving continuously to increase retention rates across their customer and subscriber base.

This whitepaper introduces several thought-provoking considerations for building an effective churn reduction strategy, with a focus on proactivity.

We present some novel ideas which we believe will provide a stimulus to trial new techniques in your churn reduction strategy. Techniques we have seen work wonders across many areas of the customer journey within telcos and utilities.

We then explain how telcos can use data-driven approaches to increase the efficacy of churn reduction strategies. The paper discusses the most effective retention offers for customers likely to churn, with a particular focus on when to be proactive.

ContactEngine works with many of the largest telcos in the world. Research and development lies at the core of our product, and we are happy to share our thoughts based on this experience.


  • Introduction
  • Building the foundations for churn reduction
  • Models for churn reduction
  • Understanding customer decision making styles
  • Thinking both short- and long-term
  • The 4 levers of retention
  • The hybrid approach: proactive AND reactive works best
  • Conclusion

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