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Banging The Drum…


Helping Whirlpool to make those final but important checks with their customers ensuring that the UK’s washing machines are repaired right first time round. By intelligently verifying whether if it is the machine’s drum that needs repairing before an engineer is dispatched, ContactEngine make sure that each job is correctly categorized from the start…..

At Whirlpool we are extremely proud of the rigorous manufacturing standards that go into making our washing machines amongst the most reliable in the world, however, things do sometimes go wrong! When this happens ContactEngine’s solution has allowed us to bring that same level of intelligent rigor to making sure that we identify the problem correctly right from the start and then fix it fast.

Alistair Dobson Service Operations Director

The Problem

More often than not, when a machine develops a fault, it is to do with the drum. Drum component failures account for the majority of the problems found with washing machines and in turn equates to 25% of Whirlpool’s repair customers. When a customer contacts Whirlpool about an issue with their washing machine, it is the responsibility of the customer service advisor to classify what the issue is. However, washing machines contain hundreds of moving parts and often a fault can be incorrectly diagnosed leading to financial waste through ordering incorrect parts and unnecessary truck rolls.


ContactEngine has provided Whirlpool with a new job classification screening process. After a customer has contacted Whirlpool and the advisor has established they think that the issue is drum related, ContactEngine begins an automated conversation with the customer to make absolutely certain that this correct. How? Upon receipt of the job data from Whirlpool, ContactEngine immediately communicates with the customer before the engineer’s visit. Using either interactive SMS or automated landline telephone calls, ContactEngine asks a series of questions to determine whether the fault with the machine relates to the drum. If not, ContactEngine asks the customer what the problem is, allowing it to be reclassified. Customer responses are available in real time in a secure dashboard where this information is accessible 24/7 by authorized Whirlpool staff. 


Using ContactEngine’s automated fault verification solution the Whirlpool follow up team are now achieving consistent contact rates of 89% and Whirlpool colleagues are able to access and track these automated conversations via a dashboard in real time. More significantly, this new conversation with customers to verify the exact washing machine part requiring a repair has led to a four-fold increase in the accuracy of first time parts orders. These factors are helping Whirlpool to make sure their engineers complete a repair job successfully first time hence reducing truck rolls and customer complaints—saving a fortune.

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