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Incident reporting for SSP—without the fuss


The SSP Group is known as the “Food Travel Experts” and is the number one operator of food and retail outlets in travel locations worldwide. The SSP family of clients include: Starbucks, Burger King, Boots, M&S, Upper Crust and Costa Coffee. When accidents or incidents happen, SSP rely on ContactEngine to get the right messages to the right colleagues—fast.

The Problem

When an incident occurs at an outlet, whether it be in London Waterloo or Manchester Piccadilly, it must be managed efficiently. An “incident” relates to an event that is not quite 999 level, e.g. a bomb threat, but is still serious. Therefore, SSP needed a solution that enabled them to escalate critical information appropriately and efficiently across the company, so the right people are informed about the situation at the right time.


ContactEngine devised the perfect solution, combining SMS, audio recording and conference call room provision, all managed by a user-friendly interface.We created a dedicated hotline number that staff call in the event of an incident. Colleagues are prompted for a location, details of the situation and their contact number by an automated response. Once their call is completed, SMS, e-mails and interactive phone calls are fired off to prearranged “moderators”with a brief description of the situation and a link to ContactEngine’s shared dashboard, where the message is reviewed. To avoid confusion, an alert is locked once it has been reviewed and dealt with by the first active recipient—“the moderator.”  The moderator is then presented with a number of options.They can listen to the recording as well as automatically retrieve details from the staff file e.g. name, brand and location. Next, the moderator is then presented with an option to immediately send out an SMS, to a pre-designated group of colleagues. This SMS invites them to a ContactEngine hosted private virtual conference room and specifies time and access details. This conference call enables the relevant colleagues to plan and deal with the incident effectively and is recorded and stored. 


Our solution for SSP has enabled them to report hundreds of business critical incidents efficiently and with the robustness of >99% uptime.Our service has provided SSP with a 360 degree incident management tool that addresses and overcomes the challenges they faced. 

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