About Us

ContactEngine improves the key interactions between corporates and their customers, ensuring that crucial moments such as sales, deliveries and appointments are executed with precision and minimum effort.

ContactEngine is a SaaS platform that automates the conversations between corporates and their customers.

This platform holds intelligent conversations with customers via their choice of device. ContactEngine is a key part of the digitization of the customer journey, automating previously manual call-center activity.

Our Technology:

Omni-channel: ContactEngine employs all communication channels according to the requirements of our clients and / or their customers, including SMS, auto dial phonecalls, e-mail, smartphone & tablet apps, video, mobile-optimized websites, social networks (and even hard copy mail).

Automated: all the communications and conversations ContactEngine conducts on behalf of our clients are machine-driven.  ContactEngine do not utilize any call-center staff.

Interactive: There are many suppliers able to send information to customers.  ContactEngine, however, listens to what the customers have to say about the information that has been sent to them, continues the conversation accordingly, and enables real-time manned follow-up of exceptions.

Platform: ContactEngine is a cloud-hosted Software as a Service. Clients can use the ContactEngine platform in a number of ways of increasing sophistication:

  • at arms-length i.e. just providing the necessary outbound data-feed and allowing ContactEngine to perform all the communication;
  • integrated with a call center i.e. as well as providing the data feed, giving call-center staff the ability to monitor and act upon exceptions as determined by the business rules;
  • integrated with core systems e.g. allowing write-back into the core systems to automatically perform subsequent actions as determined by the business rules.

Intelligent: ContactEngine is able to embed any amount of business processes enabling it to perform fully automated conversations with customers. These are often the business processes, which otherwise would be used to drive the scripting and rules governing a client’s outbound call-centre activity and core CRM and job management processes.

Actionable: ContactEngine provide our clients with interfaces which allow their call-center staff to interact in real-time with ContactEngine’s automated conversations—typically in the form of manual outbound calls or messages to follow-up where customers need particular assistance.

Insight: Every single response and every single word of every ContactEngine conversation with every customer is fully documented and available for analysis—whether that be SMS, phone, app, or web.  Combined with our very high response rates, this means that ContactEngine generates a resource which can be used for insight into the customer experience far beyond anything previously available.

Impact: ContactEngine measurably reduces cost and improves the customer experience.  On the reduced cost alone ContactEngine typically provides a Return on Investment of around 10:1. Including the uplift in customer experience drives the Return on Investment north of 20:1. 

In summary ContactEngine is able to hold millions of simultaneous, unique, real-time conversations with a brand’s individual customers. These conversations cost less than they would if done from outbound call-centers, have double the customer-response rates, and improve operational efficiency. Individual customers find the ContactEngine conversations timely, useful and respectful—and as a result are more likely to be brand advocates, and less likely to churn.  Our clients therefore have reduced cost, but increased revenue.



LBB (Little British Battler) Award

Econsultancy - Innovation in Rich Media & Video

British Business Angels Association - Best Mobile Investment

Econsultancy - Most Innovative Technology