Why us?

We transform businesses

ContactEngine is the next generation Customer Engagement Hub. We achieve remarkable customer engagement rates allowing call-centres to focus on true value-add, delivering the right outcomes for brands and their customers.

Clients choose us because we rapidly deliver long term

benefits with minimal resource needed to start

Typical ROI of >10:1 with multi-million savings per annum

Call Deflection – Inbound Call Reduction 80%

Churn – Reduced Customer Churn rate from 25% to 10%

NPS – Increased response rate for NPS survey from 4% to >50%

CX – NPS score increased by c.15 points

There is no one like us

It’s not often you come across a technology platform that delivers such immediate, measurable value. The ROI and improvements in customer experience that we’ve realised from ContactEngine have been tremendous, with a return on investment above 15:1 on cost-saving alone.

Paul Buttery, COO, Virgin Media


The Engine’s powerful analytics constantly evaluate performance against key metrics relating to both customer experience and business processes. This ensures complete reliability and the ability to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.


The Engine provides the tools and integration points necessary to ensure the journeys and conversations under management flow seamlessly into client-side business processes, ensuring the right information gets to the right person in time for the business to react and ensure flawless execution.


Talking is easy, listening is hard. The Engine listens intently for new information from all participants in the customer journey, such as the client, the customer and the agents.  The Engine intelligently and rapidly analyses every new piece of data, adapting its behaviour to deliver the perfect customer experience.


The Engine has the power to quickly configure new journeys, make real-time adjustments, trial different strategies and monitor the results. This is central to the Engine’s ability to deliver the perfect customer journey.


The Engine never sleeps, never gets bored or tired and it’s infinitely patient and lightning fast.  It’s also fully scalable through the power of the cloud.

Material impact

Not only has ContactEngine given us a technology that makes a difference, but the company also brings us continuous innovations.  They have made a material impact on our operation.

David Bowring, Head of Technology, British Gas

The integration is simple