Where will we
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Multi-agent technology, harnessing the power of both human and artificial intelligence is the next frontier of managing meaningful and sophisticated communications with customers.

Professor Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost Research and Enterprise and Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College

Chairman – ContactEngine AI Advisory Board

Our data science takes the guesswork
out of conversations

Based on the millions of conversations that we have already held, we have a fair bit of knowledge of what will work best for a new client. However, as not every company’s customers are the same, when a new client comes on board, we conduct research and run experiments to find the conversation that leads to the best results.

Vary Content

We experiment with different conversation language and content. For example, we can tailor a message in a way that leads to a desired response.

Vary Sequence

We experiment with different scheduling sequences. For example, we set the stage with an email but might follow up with an SMS or a phone call.

Vary Timing

We vary the timing we initiate a conversation and monitor responses to establish the best time to start the conversation.

Analyse Exceptions

Customers don’t always respond as expected. We monitor customer responses to improve the quality of the conversation itself and to tweak the NLP algorithms to ensure that only true exceptions reach agents.

We will give you unparalleled insight into
how customers communicate

The Engine is not a ‘fire and forget’ platform – it learns from every conversation so the next one can be better. For example, with the right demographic and customer data, our sophisticated learning algorithms can identify which message is the most likely to result in a response, and the traits of customers who respond in a particular way in order to predict how similar customers will behave in the future.

ContactEngine uses machine learning to predict customer behaviour

We convert experiments & insights into personal pro-active conversations

Customers increasingly expect to be communicated with on their terms, and to do so often requires a change in communication approach – from generic messaging to tailored communications. Getting this right not only results in happier customers, but also better business outcomes.

AI-enabled pro-active conversations

Our AI augments contact-centre performance

Our AI is not only enables the tailoring of conversations, but also the augmentation of contact centre agents.
Our Natural Language Processing algorithms enable an automated yet accurate understanding of the customer’s
response, meaning it only flags up true exceptions for human intervention – agents are focused on a tiny
subset of all the conversations ongoing at any given time

We focus agents on what matters

How ContactEngine delivers better customer conversations