The team

Talented, unique and passionate

Founded by Dr Mark K. Smith, Andy Ayers, and Giles Bryan, ContactEngine spun out of a simple frustration with poor customer experience. Our founders believed they should never have to pick up a phone to complain about poor service ever again. So the idea began, and here we are… transforming customer journeys through proactive, AI-powered conversations – making every customer experience ‘nice-and-easy’ and saving our clients millions as a result. We call that a win-win.

About the team

From linguists to developers, mathematicians to marketers and everything in between, we are always searching for better ways to communicate and keep our client’s customers (that’s us and you!) happy.

We’re SaaS, we’re HQ’d in the heart of Shoreditch (London’s hipster Tech City) in an old clergy house surrounded by quirky antiques, and we’re a mixed bunch! Our ages range from 21 to 56, with an average of 2.4 children between us (we might seem like crazed workaholics but trust us: we value home-life even more). Some of us sport beards, some of us heels, some of us are cool and some of us are definitely not! Some of us work in the office, some of us work on the road (conversing with our enviable array of clients or soon-to-be clients) and some of us work from home creating beautiful and elegant code. Despite this, we make sure to all meet up in the office at least once a week (we usually end at the pub!).  We talk a lot (sometimes at the same time) about what we can do to make our business better, faster and bigger. We only work in the language of common sense but some of us speak others, including Moroccan Arabic!