Vonage + CE 1024X630

ContactEngine partners with Vonage to enhance customer experience and international reach


ContactEngine partners with Vonage to streamline the delivery of multi-channel conversations to millions of people across the world

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BL138 Responsible AI

Responsible AI


We have a responsibility to use data ethically to serve our customers for their betterment. Here's how ContactEngine does it. 

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BL137 Unemployment State Government Largest

States must proactively fulfil their obligation to serve citizens


State Departments of Labor owe it to their citizens to proactively serve them throughout unemployment and assist them back to work as quickly as possible. Here's how they can do it.

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Covid-19 vaccination scheduling

Without batting an AI: Using technology to ease Covid-19 vaccination scheduling


This whitepaper articulates the need for AI in the global fight to vaccinate everyone quickly and efficiently.

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BL131 ContactEngine Gartner Planets Align

When the ContactEngine and Gartner planets align

Gartner analysts are predicting a proactive future. Learn how you can get ahead of the curve to show your customers you care.
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Unemployment Benefits Claims Process Best Practice Ebook

The 6 best practices of the most user-friendly government agencies


This practical eBook draws on best practices within government agencies, and shares how they can be applied to the unemployment claims process.

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