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Are you thinking about sustainability in AI?


ContactEngine is already carbon negative – but, following the noise around COP26, the threat of irreversible climate change provides a good reason to discuss sustainability in AI more generally.

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How to invest sustainably in AI


There are plenty of good moral reasons to invest in sustainable AI businesses but increasingly now there are good business reasons to do so as well. But how do you identify the companies that are genuinely making a difference? 

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Think Smarter Not Harder: Cognitive Load, Confirmation Bias and Mental Accounting


In the third instalment of our behavioural science guide, we highlight the role of cognitive load in the customer journey, as well as discussing the theory behind confirmation bias and bad mental accounting. Read on to learn how managing system 2 correctly can improve your customer journey.

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Decisions on Auto Pilot: System 1, Customers and your Business


In part two of our five part series, Albert Evans continues his crash course in behavioural science. In this chapter, Albert discusses cognitive process and theory behind decision making, are you, or your customers, making decisions without even thinking? Read on to find out…

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Behavioural Science 101: Influence Nudging and Choice Architecture


This first of a five-part series, Albert Evans introduces a crash course in behavioural science, starting with the importance of influence. Read on to discover why you should care about influence and 'nudging', and what this means for your customer journey!

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Collections - prevention is better than cure


How the latest advancements in customer service technology can be applied to reduce the cost of collections, increase repayments, and prevent customers entering the collections process in the first place

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