Appointment Control

Appointment Control from ContactEngine solves inefficiencies in the way appointments are made.

When faced with the need to engage with a customer at a location—for an installation, a delivery, a service call or just for a meeting, things can go wrong. Mix ups with times, dates, what’s to be fixed or installed and so on, can all conspire to make for a poor customer experience. This is the problem ContactEngine solves—by improving the way that customers are informed, letting them know what’s happening and when, issuing reminders and entering into dialog across multiple channels—be that automated phone calls, SMS messages, e-mails and so on.

The benefits this approach brings are:

  • Better Customer Experience;
  • Greater efficiency with your mobile workforce;
  • Major cost savings (with just one company we reduced their ‘No Body In’ rates by 6% - saving over £5m per annum);
  • Increased loyalty and reduced customer churn.







Surveys from ContactEngine bring you industry leading volumes of customer feedback, ideal for Net Promoter Score and Voice of the Customer surveys.

Our clients have typically fought hard to win their customers, and those businesses want to continually improve on the services they offer.The only way to do that is to garner the customer’s opinion. Often ContactEngine have been with customers every step of the way; from appointment setting, to the moment of delivery, so they’re happy to give ratings—with a very high percentage going on to give written or spoken feedback. 

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Very high response rates, often greater than 50%;
  • Quantitative and qualitative data with semantic analysis;
  • Associating individual customer feedback with individual service provider helps to pinpoint improvements and highlight successes;
  • Dashboard overviews create visualization of data for real-time interpretation;
  • Low scores result in escalation, so a problem customer can be addressed as fast as possible;
  • Omni-channel means reaching all customers with their preferred method of communication.

When used in conjunction with ContactEngine’s Appointment Control, the efficiency gains of better communication are further enhanced by customer feedback creating a virtuous circle of improvements and delivering the very best customer experience.

ContactEngine Survey gives our clients an instant view of customer satisfaction, putting customers at the heart of our client's business.


Customer Care

During the customer journey, one of the key moments is the experience delivered at the point of service. Get it right and businesses have a brand advocate, but get it wrong, it’s crucial to know fast.

One important aspect of customer experience when a delivery has been made (or something has been fixed or a meeting has ended) is to ask the customer if everything went well. If the answer is “No”, ContactEngine escalates immediately, so that our clients can remedy the situation: we all know that things don’t always go perfectly—but quickly resolving problems keeps customers happy.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Dealing with an issue before it has a chance to become a problem;

  • Speed of escalation often means that the service provider is nearby, so can return to fix the problem;

  • Behavioral change in the service provider is a by-product;

  • A customer who might become a detractor becomes an advocate.

And because ContactEngine asks “in the moment” we get very high response rates.  And whether things went well or badly, the feedback generated can be used to continually improve the customer journey.

Customer Care allows our clients to build deeper, more enduring relationships with their customers.

For more details please watch the video, download some case studies from the site, or just drop us a line.

Communication Toolkit

The Communication Toolkit gets messages to the right people at the right time, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing—whether that is a general update from the CEO, or a business-critical incident.

Plus, because ContactEngine is all about automated but intelligent conversation, we can gather feedback, or make sure that the right actions have been taken. Additionally there’s plenty of data produced—with instant measurement of activity and engagement.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Omni-channel means you can get your message out on the entire company irrespective of their connectivity;

  • Push and pull approaches mean you can reach all your people with one message as fast as they can answer their phone;

  • A proven approach used by millions of people—this means ContactEngine will get to even the most hard to reach.

And, since ContactEngine is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on every digital channel, the “hows” and “whys” of time, location, and device are never barriers to delivery.



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