Wickes: Survey

Putting your customer at the heart of what you do


Across the whole of the UK, ContactEngine have been with Wickes customers every step of the way, from appointment setting to moment of delivery, so they’re often happy to be surveyed.

The Problem

Normal industry rates for customer surveys are typically less than 5%. Wickes needed a solution that would give continuous, timely and increased customer feedback without breaking the bank. In addition to wanting this feedback held securely and centrally, Wickes also wanted to measure their delivery service in achieving On Time and In Full (OTIF) delivery. So, they asked ContactEngine to implement a survey solution to measure both the effectiveness of their delivery service and how happy their customers were about the overall experience. 


ContactEngine was already providing an appointment service for Wickes, so knew the best time to survey customers about their delivery experience.The business rules and scripts were agreed with Wickes and are short, friendly and polite. They are designed to be conversational in tone, whilst helping Wickes to gather important statistical information about how their customer felt about the delivery process. ContactEngine’s survey solution also provides a dashboard view of the Wickes’ customer conversations, in real-time, with centralized Management Information - to compare customer satisfaction. 


ContactEngine’s survey service for Wickes achieves an over 50% response rate. This provides Wickes with ten times the industry standard.  In addition, almost 50% of customers who responded provided additional written feedback about the service—providing a huge set of qualitative data for sentiment analysis.This new marketing resource can be used for future sales and marketing campaigns. Additionally, for the first time, Wickes have an accurate, in-the-moment picture of how their delivery service is performing, which is easily segmented at national, divisional and store level. With this wealth of continual Management Information, Wickes are now planning and refining their delivery service based on actual customer feedback.  

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