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With over half a million big & bulky deliveries a year, things don’t always go perfectly. Quickly resolving problems for Wickes keeps customers happy.

The Problem

With over half a million deliveries per annum Wickes need to keep customers happy from the moment an order is placed to its delivery.After all, a customer complaint about a wrong, missing or failed delivery can quickly clog up the customer call center, waste valuable store resource trying to sort the problem and, worst of all, cause reputational damage: given the plethora of social channels that can amplify an angry voice with alarming speed. Wickes turned to ContactEngine to find a solution that allowed the quick escalation of any delivery issue before it turned into a customer complaint.                    


The key to preventing a delivery issue turning into a customer complaint is timely communication. ContactEngine are already providing an appointment control service to Wickes and it is therefore a natural for us to ask, straight after a delivery, whether everything was OK? If the answer’s “no” then this is escalated immediately and automatically to the delivering store - to make sure that a human speaks to the customer to resolve the issue as soon as possible. With this customer care service, ContactEngine are also providing Management Information regarding who has been alerted and how the issue has been resolved.             


Wickes now have a secure, centralized system that raises alerts to delivery issues in near real time. This in turn has decreased the volume of customers contacting the call center and more often than not prevents delivery issues developing into complaints. A side effect of this, ContactEngine customer care service, is that Wickes have seen a behavioral change in how employees approach customer interaction. Wickes store staff are now aware that if there is an issue with a delivery they and management have a complete overview via the dashboard - so they are incentivized to prevent any customer complaints surfacing at all! Since the customer care service has been implemented Wickes’ customers are demonstrably happier about the delivery service. Net Promoter Score (“NPS”)—an industry standard for measuring customer satisfaction—has seen an astonishing 14 point uplift in under 12 months!      

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