Virgin Media: Survey

A proactive approach to customer feedback


ContactEngine’s customer survey solution empowers Virgin Media’s customers to provide immediate and focused feedback about the service they’ve received and notify Virgin Media colleagues if there’s a problem with installation or repair work. The timeliness of the service means problems and failures can be addressed on the day, thereby improving operational KPIs and the customer experience. We can even help to get the same engineer back to the customer to fix the problem - if there’s still an is

The Problem

Where a customer has just had a new installation (or had their services repaired) but remain dissatisfied, it is important for Virgin Media to be in contact with the customer as soon after the visit as possible—so that the problem can be dealt with in that moment. Almost always, the lack of this functionality could negatively impact on the customer experience by forcing the customer to contact the call center to report their issue. These inbound calls are neither a good use of the customer’s time nor an efficient use of call center colleagues.


ContactEngine’s customer survey solution gives Virgin Media the ability to receive immediate feedback from the customer and confirm whether or not they are satisfied with their recent visit and the service provided by the helpfulness—as well as their compliance with Virgin Media’s procedures, i.e. requiring a technician to call customers before they arrive. Typically, response rates for customer surveys after the visits were below 5%, but our multichannel survey solution has completely altered this to being in the region of 55 to 60%!Along with providing an effective customer service management tool, ContactEngine also provides a bespoke reporting template to enable Virgin Media to extract any and all relevant reports.


Since 2012 ContactEngine has had millions of conversations with Virgin Media customers, currently averaging around 10,000 conversations every day.Our customer survey solution has resulted in an improvement of 15-20 NPS points: proving that timely customer communication across the rightchannels is hands-down the most efficient way to survey customers

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