Virgin Media: Customer Care

Delivering the best service for end-customers and our clients.


Across the UK, Virgin Media has around 2,500 engineers who provide free-of-charge servicing to all Virgin Media’s customers: totaling about 2 million visits per year. Our customer care solution is used to guarantee that this costly service for our client is taken up only when it’s needed.

The Problem

Virgin Media offer a free service to its customers - which enables them to book appointments with technicians if they have any issues. Sending service technicians to customers when they have a fault is necessary: but expensive. It is therefore crucial to verify that they still require a technician visit and to confirm that they will be in at the allotted time. Having this confirmation mechanism in place reduces financial waste, improves technician productivity and decreases the likelihood of misallocation of resources. 


Virgin Media uses the ContactEngine service to reach out to its customers via omni-channels, using data that has been securely transmitted by Virgin Media a day before the visit is due. The customer is asked “Do you still need our services?” and the responses are recorded onto the ContactEngine dashboard: which is accessible by authorized Virgin Media employees. Jobs are either left to take place as planned or cancelled automatically (or manually)- all depending on the customer’s response. For example, a day before the visit, if the customer answers “No” to the initial question (“Do you still need our services?”) the appointment is automatically canceled and a confirmation message is sent to the customer; concurrently the appointment is removed from the engineer’s schedule, thereby freeing up additional capacity.


When our Customer Care service rolled out, the initial target was 5% cancellation rate. The ContactEngine service has actually vastly exceeded the target– i.e. achieving a 12% + cancellation rate. In 2014, helped by ContactEngine, Virgin Media pre-emptively cancelled 200,000 truck rolls and saved millions of pounds - whilst at the same time driving up overall efficiencies across this entire part of the Virgin Media business. 

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