Virgin Media: Appointment Control

Delivering intelligent customer service


Across the whole of the UK ContactEngine are in conversation with Virgin Media’s customers to ensure a first class service right from the start.

The Problem

A major efficiency problem that Virgin Media faced was failed installation visits. Prior to ContactEngine providing an appointment service, Virgin Media used a call center to attempt to reach customers. This was an ineffective, costly and manual process that yielded poor results. Virgin Media turned to ContactEngine for an appointment service that would not only improve installation completion rates but also ensure exemplary customer experience.


ContactEngine implemented a robust, efficient service to communicate with the customer - confirming appointment date and time, address, and services to be installed. Using encrypted and securely transmitted customer contact data, provided in real-time by Virgin Media, ContactEngine makes contact with customers over several days using multiple channels. Our automated contact is timely, personalized and accurate: providing the necessary information when it’s most needed.

ContactEngine’s service is holistic; not only do we design, implement and support the service, we also analyze the data it generates enabling clients to continuously improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Our solution is able to determine the best contact times and methods (Landline or SMS) for Virgin Media’s customers, thereby helping Virgin Media to get closer to a 100% contact rate. In addition, we deploy a “backfill” functionality, so when a job is canceled ContactEngine pulls forward similar jobs in the same area and starts contacting customers due a visit by an engineer a few days later - asking if they would like a service visit (earlier) that day. If they reply “No” then the appointment carries on as previously planned and if they reply “Yes” the appointment is brought forward: thereby filling an otherwise empty slot in an engineer’s schedule.


Using ContactEngine’s multichannel approach, Virgin Media are now achieving contact rates of 93% and colleagues are able to access and track these automated conversations via the dashboard they share with us in real time. Installation completion rates have improved substantially and consistently;these range between 93% and 98% (when a customer is contacted) vs 88% (customer not contacted).

In addition, our backfill service is continuing to bring value-added functionality - maximizing field technician productivity. Virgin Media have found that, not only does the service save money by increasing efficiencies but it also leads to happier customers, a good old-fashioned (but modern) win-win.

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