Ladbrokes: Communication Toolkit

Instantaneous communication creating employee engagement for Ladbrokes.


ContactEngine facilitates the provision of company updates for Ladbrokes across the UK, Ireland and Spain. Ladbrokes rely on ContactEngine to help keep their employees informed: no matter where they are.

The Problem

For Ladbrokes, being such a large company with thousands of staff, bringing teams together for events can be a tough task—with betting shops open for long hours and individual phone use within stores tightly controlled. Therefore, Ladbrokes were in need of a way to efficiently bring the team together and strengthen their internal communications.


ContactEngine has worked with Ladbrokes across multiple channels of communication to diminish the barriers between head offices and shop staff.Using two-way audio, the management team had a mechanism to enable regular audio updates for colleagues in the betting shops. As well as updates, this channel was found to be ideal for interviews with senior management, which can be recorded via a cell phone or through the ContactEngine app.The update or interview is then posted to the ContactEngine dashboard and can then be moderated by the Ladbrokes’ comms team. The content is ultimately posted to a secure telephone number. Colleagues are informed of the update via their in-store cash register. After the message has been listened to, recipients are invited to rate the content or provide spoken feedback. Ladbrokes also makes use of this channel for time critical incident reporting.Using this method to alert staff about events fast has proved to be a hugely effective communication tool, with staff becoming appreciative that senior management have informed them personally about current internal issues. In addition, we have created an ‘opt in’ service with Ladbrokes, whereby staff from the UK and Spain can text in to receive company updates. Ladbrokes’ senior management consists of about 1,000 members who operate across the UK, Ireland and Spain, so it’s not surprising that not everyone can make it to a group meeting! To solve this, Ladbrokes use ContactEngine’s conferencing service to facilitate and stream the audio live to a designated telephone number - enabling remote staff to access and remain involved in the event.The work that ContactEngine has done with Ladbrokes means they now use SMS functionality in either: support of conferences, for general company updates, ref current pension status info and even for savings updates – amongst many other uses. 


Directly due to the work that ContactEngine has done with Ladbrokes, employee interaction and participation rates have soared. Additionally, we have helped to strengthen the entire Internal Communications function and ensure that—company-wide—it is viewed as an important part of Ladbrokes’ overall business model. 

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