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Flying off the shelves…


Asda trust ContactEngine to provide a fast, secure and reliable way to communicate product withdrawal alerts to 600+ store managers across the UK.

The Problem

We all know the average number of products carried by an Asda store runs into thousands. Inevitably with this level of inventory there will be times when certain lines need to be withdrawn quickly. Initially head office will have been made aware that there is some type of problem with a product that needs immediate action. These issues could be as simple as a defective toaster or as worrying as the stocking of a line that is deemed insensitive by the general public. In each case the requirement is always to alert 100% of the store managers (who are often on the shop floor) of the offending product and to ensure that the whole process of getting the lines off the shelves immediately is completed as quickly as possible.


When the team at Asda HQ are made aware of an issue, an authorized member from the Safety and Compliance Team dials a secure number and records a message confirming the product that should be taken off the shelves. Alternatively, authorized staff can log into the dashboard (24/7), select the correct Recall Template and Distribution List; and then let our ‘Text to Voice’ solution do the rest. Either of these actions trigger an automated call to all store managers. When they receive the call they are presented with two options—‘listen now’ or ‘Press 1 and we’ll call you back in 15 minutes’. If the call is ignored e.g. it rings out or goes to voicemail, then our system rings back in 15 minutes. If there is still no response a further call is made after 30 minutes. The message requests managers to acknowledge receipt of the product withdrawal by pressing the appropriate number on the key pad. This confirms back to Asda HQ that the message has been heard. Additionally, ContactEngine even leaves the message on the secure number in case the store manager prefers to call back and listen to it again.


Our unique solution provides superfast communication, allowing all stores to be contacted within minutes of a product withdrawal message being recorded. Even on the busiest of days, multiple automated attempts ensure massively increased rates of compliance - which are fully auditable.

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