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COVID-19 Comms

for COVID-19 Comms

Proactive conversations with millions of customers and citizens. Intelligent conversation flows to deliver clear advice, actions and support.

COVID-19 use cases

Covid In Home

In-home appointments

Checking COVID-19 status when arranging technician in-home appointments, both for the person making the visit and the household being visited, and automatically rescheduling where there are issues.

Covid Call Centre Colleagues

Enabling call center colleagues to work from home

With ContactEngine's conversational AI orchestrating the majority of conversations, and call-center agents using ContactEngine's agent desktop to assist the remaining customers requiring extra help, conversations can continue easily via the customer's channel of choice.

Covid Bandwidth

Bandwidth upgrades

Giving people the option to receive temporary free upgrades to higher bandwidth, and adjusting their billing arrangements.

Covid Billing

Billing conversations

Helping people deal with billing issues such as changing their billing cycle or delaying payment.

Covid Emergency Convo

Emergency communications

ContactEngine specializes in emergency communications for companies with very dispersed colleagues and no centralised intranet: colleagues can call into an emergency number and raise an issue, then the recording is automatically sent to various colleagues who can further escalate (at the touch of a button) and schedule a conference call to decide the next action.

Our covid-19 related insights

Covid-19: accelerating the future of customer service


This whitepaper examines the interplay between 4 key Covid-19 call center metrics. Measure them now, and learn how ready you are for increasing your levels of customer self-service.

READ 16 min

Proxy measures of COVID-19 infection rates


How long does the Covid-19 lockdown have to last? Prof. Mark K. Smith shares his insights.

READ 4 min

What did the Romans ever do for us? How the Covid-19 crisis compares to 410AD


Will Covid-19 lead us back to the Dark Ages or bring us into the 'Light Ages'? CEO Prof Mark K. Smith discusses

READ 3 min

Human-Computer Rapport


What is Human-Computer Rapport, and why do we need it? AI experts Prof. Chris Reed (ARG-Tech, University of Dundee) and Prof. Mark K. Smith (CEO, ContactEngine) and Euan Matthews (ContactEngine) discuss the technology behind contextualised communication between computers and humans.

watch 24 min

An Insider's Guide to Artificial Intelligence with Elena Musi and Prof. Chris Reed: Part 2


The conversation continues: Elena Musi, Lecturer in AI and Communication at the University of Liverpool, speaks to Prof. Chris Reed on various topics ranging from trustworthiness (bias and transparency in AI) and whether or not we're on the verge of an AI winter.

watch 17 min
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