Will pure-play on-demand replace traditional TV?

Will pure-play on-demand replace traditional TV?

ContactEngine’s telecoms, TV and broadband clients win and retain tens of millions of customers every year. We are proud to play our part in perfecting the experience for those customers.

So you won’t be surprised to learn that we take a close interest in the public’s attitudes to TV services:

  • How they watch TV
  • How they choose to pay for it
  • And what they expect from their TV supplier(s)

This white paper shares the insights gained from our recent study in to customers in both the UK and USA. In particular, we were interested in the impact that pure-play on-demand TV providers will have on existing cable/satellite subscription TV providers.

We look at:

  • Whether viewers would consider sacrificing the volume of channels they can watch for higher quality content
  • What percentage of viewers have considered cancelling their cable/satellite TV services in favour of pure-play on demand TV?

Our conclusions provide insight in to the factors affecting customer behaviour for both new customers, and their decisions to switch providers.

We hope you find it thought provoking.

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Euan Matthews

Director of Innovation