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Delineate Customer Effort Index


This Delineate whitepaper dives into the key challenges for brands in customer effort, based on new research covering over 27,000 brand interactions.

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Understanding the Lesser Known Benefits Of AI ContactEngine Blog BL122

Understanding the lesser known benefits of AI


UK and US consumers are starting to recognise the benefits that AI can have for their shopping experiences, but as new research shows - there's still much education needed. 

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BL123 AI expert 2021 Predictions_Largest

2021 guest predictions from experts in AI & innovation


In this guest edition blog, some of our favorite AI experts weigh in to tell us what they think the future holds for 2021. 

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BL121 On the first day of Christmas 2021 Predictions Largest

2021 predictions: On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me...


It's that time of year! ContactEngine Group CEO Prof. Mark K. Smith offers up 12 predictions to ring in the New Year... 

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BL120 NPS and CSAT vs Real Time

CSAT & NPS vs. Real-Time Customer Experience Improvement


Companies invest in follow-up Customer Satisfaction surveys and produce Net Promotor Scores to understand their performance, but those alone may be too little too late... 

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Enhancing physical store experience online ContactEngine Blog BL119

Stores of the future: A physical and digital experience


With the UK high street closed once more to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, physical stores will need to continue to adapt quickly to the online experience.

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