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How to use AI as a butler, not a stalker


A step-by-step guide that brands can use to get their customers used to being spoken to by AI and ensure their services remain trusted as they hand over responsibilities from humans to machines.

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Report Improve Debt Collection Customer Service Strategy 1543X627

2023 Guide: Improve Collections and Customer Service – Strategies for Successfully Reducing Risk and Improving Customer Retention


This practical report focuses on compassionate strategies to mitigate this rise in debt coupled with consumers’ decreased ability to pay. The strategies have new digital possibilities at its core, and is always respectful of both legal and ethical issues within both North America and the United Kingdom.

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In debt for the first time – How your business needs to treat the new wave of debtors


If done well, the way you handle debt collection can not only recover what you are owed, it could also work as something of a customer sales tool – keeping that customer with you as their finances restabilise.

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Winning customers for life – how your debt strategy must work harder for Gen Z


Debts are soaring for Gen Zs entering the working world - a generation that's been hit hard by Covid-13 and it's many repercussions, along with a surge of new technologies replacing the entry-level jobs that would have been their career stepping stones. Let's talk about how you can win their favour as they enter this brave new world and help them to have successful, debt-free customer journeys. You may just win their loyalty for life.  

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How AI can have the sensitive conversations your call center can’t


In a sensitive business or commercial transaction, would you rather have a conversation with a human or a computer? Human, you say? Well, perhaps not.

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Producing Or Causing Robot Why BL149 Insights 1440X864

Why producing a problem is better than causing one


In the fourth article in our behavioural science series, we get under the skin of two very different but useful pieces of research. The first examines semantic prosody, exploring the feelings evoked by words on top of their literary meanings. The second discusses the importance of reasons when influencing. Implemented together, your messages could pack a more persuasive punch. 

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