KA’ALA +CE 1023X630

ContactEngine and KST partner to bring proactive citizen journeys to government agencies


The ContactEngine and KST partnership will ease citizen communication with agencies while achieving desired outcomes defined in government-mandated IT Modernization Plans

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BL143 Plant A Thon Cover

Cultivating Company Culture with Peppers


The ContactEngine Inc. team recently volunteered time for a wonderful cause planting peppers at the JK Community Farm in Virginia during the farm’s third annual Plant-A-Thon, reflecting our commitment to the environment, community and our clients!

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BL140 If it quacks like a duck

If it quacks like a duck… the ethical implications of advancements in AI


Hargo Kalra discusses the ethical implications of advancements in AI post Microsoft's recent patent for 'creating a conversational chatbot of a specific person'

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BL139 Re-establishing CX beyond Covid

Re-establishing CX beyond Covid


Covid has changed people’s expectations of the way they interact with each other and with companies, which will only continue to evolve. In this article, we explore what these changes mean for customer journeys, which Covid behaviours may stick and which may turn out to be 2020 anomalies

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WP024 Appointment Scheduling

Proactive engagement: The missing piece in appointment scheduling technology


Though we’ve made incredible advances in technology to date, we’re still too often beholden to the mundane everyday tasks that would be better automated. This whitepaper makes the case for proactive AI in automating the everyday consumer tasks such as appointment scheduling.

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Vonage + CE 1024X630

ContactEngine partners with Vonage to enhance customer experience and international reach


ContactEngine partners with Vonage to streamline the delivery of multi-channel conversations to millions of people across the world

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