Medicaid Ebook 1440X864

Transforming the Medicaid Recertification Process


In this eBook we look at the best, most efficient, practices for States facing a herculean mission of redetermining who should remain eligible for Medicaid and CHIP benefits.

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Angry Debtors 1440X864

Why your chatbots are making debtors more angry


If your customers are dissatisfied by the AI tools you have implemented, it’s a fault of the application not the technology. Chatbots are great for making happy customers happier but drastically fall down at dealing with more complex problems. Debt collection requires a better, more sophisticated, proactive solution.

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BL173 Leaky Bucket 2

The Gaps Between Acquisition and Onboarding: New Options


In 2023, maintaining, let alone growing, the customer-base means that closing the gap between acquisition and actual onboarding is more important as an organisational core competency than ever before. That ‘leaky bucket’ needs fixing.

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BL172 Cost Of Living Crisis

Financial Services, Technology and Consumer Duty in the Cost-of-Living Crisis


In 2023, the primary job for Technology in FS is enabling the firm to meet the requirements of the new Consumer Duty. Is your FS firm ready?

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Renewals 2023

Insurance Renewals in 2023


If you’re in Insurance in the UK, you already know that 2023 is going to be hard (to say the least) on your renewal rates. Here, we share insights from our recent discussions with leaders in the field, and how to tackle the problem.

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BL176 Ethical Debt Collection

Four pledges for ethical AI debt collection


Create a better experience in debt recovery for both debtors and creditors with ethical AI debt collection

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