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The Install Journey Part 2


The second problem of the install journey happens on the day of the visit. Even if the small fraction of successful calls from your call centre manage to schedule an installation date and time, a locked door is enough to undo the perfect alignment of sales, offers and marketing that lead up to that point.

A locked door represents a waste of your resources and creates a massive inconvenience for your customers. Usually it occurs because the customer had no idea you were visiting or something out of their control has happened. Either way, it means they need to get on the phone and reschedule, making the customer journey more of an uphill struggle.

That’s if they bother to arrange another visit at all. A locked door is the biggest barrier you have to a successful sale — even though it’s not an issue until after the customer has paid. Between 30-50% of orders are cancelled if the first visit is missed. Not only do they waste money you have, they can cost money that is on the way.

Locked doors are a silent profit killer and getting them open must become a bigger priority.

Now, for practical and ethical reasons you can’t train your drivers and technicians to become lock picks and breaking and entering is widely acknowledged as bad PR, so what is the solution?

Specificity, flexibility and direct communication is the key. You can’t rely on phone calls to arrange a delivery days in advance and then issue reminders and checks nearer the time, but there are numerous ways of communicating that don’t intrude on your customers’ lives.

There are myriad reasons why a customer might not be able to answer the door, but forgetfulness or worst, not being told at all, should not be among them.

Whether it’s a Tweet in the morning of the delivery or an instant message to the customer when they are the technician’s next stop, subtle communication is quite literally the key to a successful journey.

The locked door is the final step in a successful customer experience and to fall at the last hurdle means undoing the hard work done by every member in your organisation who contributes to get to that point. Make sure the door is always open and make every customer journey perfect.

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