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Our environmental impact

We were proud to have saved millions of tonnes of CO2 for our clients last year

CO2 saved so far in 2021

The efficiencies we introduce to our clients greatly affect their environmental impact in measurable ways. Each journey saved, whether through reduced truck rolls or appointments fulfilled, is a win-win in our eyes.

Every truck roll we save for just one of our clients saves them around $140. Some of that cost is just the cost of failure (salary, insurance, time, etc.) but lots of it is saving unnecessary truck miles. Likewise, we know when we reduce the number of technician visits to fix a product. Often, we reduce 2 visits to 1, and we can't tell you how happy that makes customers, whether it's fixing a boiler or a washing machine!

Our carbon counter represents the CO2 we have saved for our clients year-to-date.

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