Come See Us at Common Sense CX 2019 in Chicago

Come See Us at Common Sense CX 2019 in Chicago

We’re thrilled that Giles Bryan, our US CEO, will be chairing 2 panel sessions at Common Sense CX 2019:

  • Session 1: Operations driving CX: How internal engagement translates to improved customer experience (Tuesday June 4th at 3:00pm)
  • Session 2: Building a world-class CX team (Wednesday June 5th at 10:30am)

Why are we sponsoring CSCX 2019? Well, it’s an event that matches our company ethos that, where CX is concerned, talk is cheap. We all know intuitively that improving CX is good business, and the numbers back this up. But too many events still sell the ‘why’ not the ‘how’. CSCX 2019 is all about sharing experiences and generating ideas to put in to practice, and so we’re happy to contribute to the event.

Quote from Giles: “I’m very pleased to be contributing to CSCX 2019 and sharing learnings and best practices across industries. I look forward to meeting other industry leaders and CX practitioners looking for high-impact solutions.”

We hope to meet you in Chicago.

Connect with Giles Bryan on LinkedIn before the event.

Whether you want to connect before meeting up in Chicago or can’t make the event but still want to talk, reach out to Giles on Linkedin here.

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