After 1676 days of support ContactEngine are proud to see explorer Sarah Outen home safely


After 1676 days of support ContactEngine are proud to see explorer Sarah Outen home safely

ContactEngine, a sponsor of explorer Sarah Outen’s London2London: Via the World expedition were delighted to see Sarah finishing at Tower Bridge today. Sarah has been travelling around the world using only a kayak, bike and rowing boat, overcoming immense obstacles and enduring extreme conditions on the way. Throughout this remarkable challenge, she has become the first woman to row solo across the North Pacific, as well as accomplishing feats such as cycling 5,000 miles through Alaska, Canada and Northern USA to the east coast of America.

Over four years ContactEngine’s technology has allowed Sarah to share her remarkable adventure with friends, family and fans. Using ContactEngine’s Communication Toolkit Service via her satellite phone Sarah has recorded audio messages (“phonecasts”) throughout her 20,000-mile around-the –world solo journey. In June 2012, Sarah’s recording about her rescue from the North Pacific, after severe conditions left her boat damaged by high waves from Typhoon Mawar received widespread international media coverage including a post on the BBC website. Similarly in October 2014, Sarah had to abandon a row across the Atlantic in the face of Hurricane Joaquin. Close to tears she used ContactEngine’s Services to tell millions about this dramatic and emotional rescue.

CEO Dr Mark K. Smith says: “We’re really happy to congratulate Sarah on finishing her incredible expedition around the world. We are pleased that our technology has played a small part in bringing this journey to life for all those following her adventures. The very essence of ContactEngine is effective and efficient communication with ordinary people. So listening to Sarah’s 194 broadcasts from so many different isolated parts of the globe really reinforced both the magnitude of her achievement and the pleasing fact that ContactEngine can also reach extraordinary people doing the most extraordinary things. Following Sarah’s progress over the last four and a half years has been truly remarkable, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.”

Marketing Team