ContactEngine launch partnership program


ContactEngine launch partnership program

ContactEngine is launching a major partner programme to create new routes to market, including working with Channel Partners, CRM software vendors and Global Systems Integrators.

ContactEngine will be a source of further value to a partner’s existing offering, supporting them to retain existing clients, as well as attracting new clients through offering intelligent and efficient technology. With the launch of the partnership program, ContactEngine have embedded their technology within key CRM packages and established trading relationships with Global Systems Integrators & Software vendors.

ContactEngine’s recently appointed VP Partners, Jerry Hartland, says ‘ContactEngine rapidly and permanently resolves pain for major corporates, such as dramatically reducing unnecessary service appointments, or improving the rate of first time delivery or install jobs. Our technology provides a valuable opportunity for Partners’ to transform their clients’ communication with customers, effectively perform field operations and substantially reduce the cost of operation.’

CEO Dr Mark K. Smith comments “As a growing company, it’s important to search for new ways to expand and ContactEngine’s partnership program allows us to develop a new route to market for our software as a service.”

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